Author: mluckie7

Editing Blur in Photoshop

My first attempt at fixing blur.  I also fixed the color and cropped it so I can print it out as a 5×7 photo.

526 original

526 web


Project Stonehenge

I started this project in 2010.  I thought it would be interesting to take the same image and recreate it using different media.  I wanted to do a castle, but ended up using a picture of Stonehenge that I took in 2010 as the start to my project.

Web Photo

I bought some watercolor pencils and tried them out by sketching a picture of Stonehenge on a 3×5 piece of watercolor paper.  I was quite pleased with the fact that I could actually tell what the image was supposed to be!

Web Watercolor

July 4, 2012, I had the day off work and school and couldn’t decide what to do with my time.  I finally set up my easel, an 8×10 wrapped canvas, and my paints and went to work on an acrylic painting of Stonehenge.  Again, I was excited to see that it was recognizable as Stonehenge.

Web Acrylic

This picture of Stonehenge is the first thing I drew in Adobe Illustrator with my drawing tablet.  I didn’t worry about line weights or shading as I was simply learning to manipulate my tablet.

Stonehenge Trace